MORNING JOE Co-anchors: Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough
Co-anchors of the popular MSNBC news program, Mika and Joe wanted to diversify their creative talents by starting independent clothing businesses. They came to Ready-2-Launch and asked us to create sample garments for several potential lines.

Our biggest hurdle was an unrealistic timeframe for production, but it was one we successfully overcame: r2L had the samples done by deadline and we were as thrilled as the designers when the garments were met with enthusiastic praise. Mika wore her dress on air; that day, model and entrepreneur Kathy Ireland was visiting the set and when she admired the dress, Mika bragged she had “a secret designer.”

Since then, Mika has worn the dress on air numerous times and both she and Joe have given us rewarding and positive feedback on the services we provided.
JANE BRYDON*: Business entity and brand TBD
Our new client Jane Brydon is a certified professional dog trainer who owns a small dog daycare center in Glen Mills, PA. Jane’s dream is to produce a line of fashionable dog clothing and while she has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Behavior, a Master’s degree in Education and another in Psycho-Educational Processes, she is not a designer. So Jane will rely on r2L to design all of the pieces in her collections, as well provide complete turn-key start-up services to create her business.